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The key to effective medical billing of primary claims is to submit “clean claims” electronically the first time they are submitted.  This reduces unpaid and/or denied claims.  “Clean claims” have been checked for correct demographic information, verification of active insurance and PCP information, if applicable, and correct CPT and ICD-9 coding information.

Once this is done, at Dare Direct Medical Billing, we follow the claim all the way through the electronic process, checking electronic reports for any batch or claim rejections, then the receipt of the EOB (Explanation of Benefits), posting all payments and allocating any monies due from the patient, setting up for any secondary billing, then processing any claims denied or not paid on the EOB’s. 
Primary Medical Billing also includes mailing paper claims for primary Workers Compensation and Automobile claims that require the medical records to go with them.
Secondary Medical Billing is often times overlooked when using an in-house biller.  This person gets overwhelmed with other duties in the office and secondary billing is often never done. 
At Dare Direct Medical Billing we pursue every avenue for payment.  Once the primary payment is received, the secondary claim is printed and mailed with a copy of the primary payment.  Some secondary insurance’s automatically, electronically roll over to them from the primary payer.
•   Increase reimbursements. An efficient and effective medical billing company that solely focuses on all of your medical billing issues will immediately improve your collections.

Cut your expenses. A professional medical billing company allows you to reduce overhead expenses such as salaries, taxes, payroll, paid vacation / sick time, postage and paper, ink, forms, and envelopes.

•   Gives you peace of mind. No matter how hectic it gets in your office, you can be assured there is a medical billing team diligently working behind the scenes for you. Our medical billing staff will always focus on getting your claims paid.
•   Expedite Payments
•   Reduce Overhead
•   Increase Productivity
•   Reduce Rejected Claims
•   Collect On Overdue Claims
•   Practice Analysis
•   Accounts Receivable Analysis
Other Than Billing Services:
•    Medical Office Organization
•    Medical Office Training
•   Office Management
•   Consulting
Patient Billing
Once all insurance payments are processed, Dare Direct Medical Billing will bill your patients monthly.

Accounts Receivable
Another area of billing that is overlooked when using an in-house biller is accounts receivable.  Timely follow up is crucial to resubmitting and appealing denied claims.  Dare Direct Medical Billing is up to date on all appeal processes, forms, and time limits for this process with each insurance company to make sure minimal revenue is lost.  We have employees that specifically work this process in billing.  Our staff takes this as a personal challenge and aggressively go through accounts receivable reports patient by patient, claim by claim and are dedicated and diligent in getting claims reprocessed and paid.